Our Diamond Quantum School now in bite size pieces!

I can tell Ruth that you live it. You're steady energetically
Elizabeth Tucci
Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness practitioner


It is decided not to deliver the full face to face Diamond Quantum School from end of 2023. 

So the following offering is the full Diamond Quantum School in a mix modality format. This gives you the option to still receive the entire Initiation School energetic processes and knowledge, but is delivered with 12 hours (at least) face to face with Ruth and a series of videos to watch in your real time and at your own pace to absorb maximum benefit.

30 hours of uncut Diamond energetic impartations, with part online Master Classes, so that you can gain full function of your Quantum Field, Connect to your 5D light body & meet your Sovereign Soul!

Extensive Coaching can be included to assist you to gain maximum benefits for your new life as a Diamond Sovereign Soul. 

Each part is sold separately as seen below. 

The school is also supported by Ruth’s book on Diamond Quantum Lore which trains you on how to be the Creator in your New Earth experience.

THE DIAMOND LIGHT BODY RECODE is for the Initiate student who desires Tree of Life integration, alignment and ultimate 5D Sovereign connection. 

This Mystic School does the Etheric work. It defrags and makes space in your vibrational bodies to expand, open your Heart chakra, shift in consciousness and ignite your Sovereign SOUL. It is superb, enriching, encompassing and exquisite in bringing in your relationship to your Triune Being. Your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Divine Inner Child you will meet in person. This part of the school is face to face only with a Diamond Active Practitioner who will also train you in basic Quantum Lore and techniques to come into the Presence rapidly.

Price: $225

This has been one of the most powerful life hacks I have found! So simple like switching on a light.. The mini school is A MUST!! Changed my innerstanding forever.. I AM THAT I AM.
This is my/our answer to all issues of the past! Leave them there and learn to recognize the patterns that created them the awareness will set you free from creating more of the old and create your sole’s original path for the harmony from within. Don’t play the game is life changing in a wholly instant. I’m taking Ruth Elisabeth’s Diamond Matrix course this is part of the whole and I’m thrilled to have this mini course to strengthen me on my path💎

Don't Play The Game!

A multidimensional construct on an A4 piece of paper, which is pure genius! This 2 plus hour seminar trains you on the multidimensional energetic system that we live in, and demonstrates how energy works within our cellular system, in connection between the 3D and 5D dimensions. This reorders your mental and emotional body constructs, which are two very different parts of you that you intellectually want to know. That needs to know. That explains so much! To the intelligent part of you, this speaks volumes because you suspected it, but couldn’t quite put your finger on it. But now you will see it clearly!

Great for the individual or community training

Specifically teaches your own interrelations with Quantum Lore, like the Lore of Reflection, and the Universe of Inclusion.  As Creators who work in Alignment with the Soul, we often project in every moment, things that we DON”T want. The Law of Duality is triggered in seconds, so we, assist you in being able to quickly recognise your own position, to re-position in Alignment with the Greater you and therefore what you focus on for vastly different outcomes.

This seminar shows you how you live as a Quantum Human, how to operate via Vibrational Quantum Lore, and is an operation manual for life. 70-99% of people walk out of this school changed with just this knowledge, and never go back to The Game!

Run the two videos for a group in your community! Make a morning of it. You will not believe the change that it will bring.

Ruth your energy is like gold currency <3 And I could listen to you 24/7!!
Michelle Grote
Love this class Thank you for your beautiful soul.. Never want to miss a class now!
Nancy Noble
I really appreciate your guidance and that we found you. Thanks a million million!
Yasmine Gulzer
Founder at Virtual Playground

I heard, THE LORE OF ACQUISITION, (Spooky!) & then spent 18 months learning the height, depth & breadth of this UNIVERSAL LORE! ACQUISITION MEANS TO OBTAIN OR ACQUIRE WHAT YOU WANT!

People hear of the “LORE OF ACQUISITION” & immediately want to learn how to ACQUIRE, or MANIFEST, a Plan A, Sovereign Soul life! Indeed they DO!

Taught nowhere else in the world, this unique masterpiece of Knowledge, is the third part of the DIAMOND QUANTUM SCHOOL! Lack of knowledge brings hardship and unwellness, but comprehension brings freedom to Create opulence in 333% full service to you, your family & humanity. 

 This is your destiny! This IS the Leap or Shift!

EXTENDED TO 13 UNCUT VIDEOS! This rolls out the entire framework of the Lore of Acquisition, with Knowledge, Visualisations and Complimentary Stories and applications for YOU on each video! 

Get to know me personally, share to all your friends & family this extraordinary Esoteric School! It will bring you up to Galactic speed, inspire you as a Creator & train you in current – Universal Lore vs Human Lore! 

Cruise through the videos in their correct order and you will be building on the inside of you, a powerhouse, positioning yourself in 5D & above Consciousness. It will assist you to understand the Diamond Matrix, as a Master of Light! 

With this knowledge you will begin immediately to shift your Vibrational Story to deliberately expand, all that you are currently a Vibrational Match to. Expand only into what you desire!

This has changed my life and hundreds of others. Join in today!

Diamond Blessings,

Ruth Elisabeth

Founder of Diamond Matrix Masters



The Diamond Mini Schools below are hand chosen from my Diamond Matrix Masters Teachings.

  • Advance through each Mini School & reap immediate rewards of being updated into Sovereign living today
  • Each 1 hour Master-class gives crucial foundational Quantum Lores not taught or understood in consciousness circles
  • Learn to LIVE in alignment with YOUR DIAMOND SOUL!
  • Receive the Diamond Bio-Energy impartation from me in each video. Powerful, Healing and Aligning
  • ALIGNMENT with your DIAMOND SOUL assists you to RISE above and beyond issues in your lives and also greatly assists with healing of not only yourself, but of others and the planet as well
  • In these Diamond Mini Schools you will learn to not only LIVE in ALIGNMENT with YOUR SOUL, but you will learn to utilize the power of your IMMACULATE SOUL

See you in our Diamond Mini Schools BELOW

This MINI series presents Quantum Lore and how it works. The new Diamond Consciousness and who we are within humanity. 

This is the Shift that we are here for 💙💙💙

  • This is the new Diamond Consciousness paradigm! 
  • These explain where humanity is, where you are and who you are! 
  • Receive Diamond Bio Energy in most videos

Learn why Quantum is Revolutionary to your life and why it must be understood. 

  • You use it in every moment but to use it fully conscious, breaks you free of former timelines and vibrational hardship. 
  • Knowing Consent is crucial understanding! Everything hinges on what you personally give permission to. 

Listen in to find out how it works! 

  • Mental Health is one of the largest industries being lived today. Yet real and solvable solutions are rarely offered. This is freeing, healing and you can become an agent of change.
  • Receive LIVE Diamond Bio Energy attunements with most sessions.

Smoking Hot! 

Comprehend the LORE OF ACQUISITION and you will realise how to gain what you want to expand into! 

To stand energetically certain in these uncertain times takes knowledge and energetic action which is Alchemy.

 Old ways do not work anymore and here is why.

A Mini School of 4 videos from Diamond Matrix Masters Teachings. 

4 POWER TRAININGS For you today! 

Understand that these underpin ALL operational function in daily creating! 

Manifestation at Zero Point Quantum! 

You deliver your own change by directly using these Quantum Power Princples.


This is the full series of videos from Diamond Matrix Masters Teachings. Learn to LIVE in alignment with YOUR DIAMOND SOUL!

Living in ALIGNMENT with your DIAMOND SOUL assists us to RISE above and beyond issues in our lives and also greatly assists with healing of not only ourselves but of others and the planet as well.

In these breakthrough videos you will learn to not only LIVE in ALIGNMENT with YOUR SOUL but you will learn to utilize the power of your IMMACULATE SOUL.

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