A Film about Humanity's Original Sovereignty

Written and Directed by Ruth Elisabeth
founder of




is based on the book​


by Ruth Elisabeth

If your Soul pulled out of the top of your head, what would your body do? Yes, fall on the ground. Simple science.

THE BOOK shares humanities journey out of Soul Sovereignty and its return now to re-access the extraordinary abilities of the individual’s innate Soul. Soul keeps us standing upright on our feet to walk this earth. 

In this time of global change we are moving from external governments of nation states, to internal Soul driven governance, in what we refer to, as the true Soul Sovereign movement. This means, our internal connections have always existed, but were severed and we have not been taught to tap in, connect and know our position in this connection. Self/Soul Governance is being gained back by each individual.


The film THE JOURNEY OF THE FACES is purposed to return humanity back to its Original roots of internal connection. Its shares of Sovereign unity with the multiverse and each other. We belong as tribe, clan, family and community over many life returns. We flourish and heal our Earth because we belong, we have every right to be here, as we journey to our next destination.

The JOURNEY OF THE FACES film gives the extraordinary macro and micro picture of Soul migration and people movement. Of how we have come to be exactly where we are generationally and now in this life time.  In narration we evidence the Soul’s Sovereign right, to be where it is and to action, by Sovereign and internal Soul Governance of what is indeed inspired from within. It completes itself with the Honey Ant dreaming story from the Heart of Australia. True Indigenous Sovereignty of Soul. True connection to a Greater existence.


As a child and into adulthood, I would experience seeing THE FACES of the Sovereign Originals, from every continent, morph into another and yet another Sovereign Original. All smiling with their wise, innocent and yet truly peaceful, line etched faces. Siberian, Inuits, Asian, African, Germanic, Native American, the Islands, Japan and China, New Zealand, Celtic etc. The message, that all Originals from all races, from all across the world; are where we come from and are our connection to where we truly belong. Not in location but connection. It is in our skin colour, our DNA, our bloodlines: not the birthplace or Country only that our Soul Light brought us to. In this lifetime, we belong, We are meant to be here. We are not displaced as many assume. We are here with deliberate and intelligent reason and must create new policy for interpreting our Earth future. 

Discord is still experienced as we assume that each person is or is not, an approved Original, of certain Country or place, of who is an Original and who is not. If one has no colour, one is not Original? This film is to dispel this visually and by narration, that we all are Original and in particular, an inter dimensional Quantum based Sovereign Original as Soul meets Earth’s Body Elemental. We belong in this time on the planet and have much to contribute. A Quantum Sovereign Original has no boundaries of the human kind but is existential Source within us, which pours outside of the borders, the laws that humanity has assumed keeps it contained. It has never been contained, it has just been lost as it was almost annihilated from the face of the earth. It is now returning within all people.

The Australian Aboriginal Elder asked me, “Ruth, where do you come from?” I localised my answer but was shown where my multi-ethnicity mixed blood came from and knew where I am from. I expanded with this impact of precious meaning. I became more and others became more.


  • To visually identify at least 20 Sovereign Original groups of all colour, race, culture and nationality and loosely map our bloodlines to these lands and countries to show that even if we live seemingly displaced on another continent, that our bloodline and Originality exists deep within each of us from these lands. That all on this planet have this inherent makeup within us
  • To show that the Originals on every continent have remained tending Sacred Space, the energetic leylines and gridlines of their region in place, and have tended to the light constructs, with their Universal Lore and key knowledge of all that exists interdimensionally
  • To unify humanity in common belonging, of greater connection of oneself and so to the whole. In belonging, comes purposeful action with others. Walls become non existent and the inspiration in the individual is sourced and brought to the collective for evolutionary advancement
  • To prove that ALL colours and nationalities are of Sovereign Origin and have the right to express internal governance
  • In a benign fashion disallow human movements that place unacceptable social laws, policy and practices that cause further segregation and hierarchy
  • To acknowledge we are all here on planet Gaia for a reason. We
    all put our hands up to come to the planet today. We are all here to evolve
  • To demonstrate Honey Ant Dreaming as shown to the Author in culmination of the perfection of Nature, which is each one of us


Cinema, narration, vision quest, drone photography, photography, minor interviews, but mostly narration with photography and cinema graphics. Silent quotes and messages, ancestral Indigenous art, ethnic world music.



Ruth Elisabeth has designed the Diamond Matrix Master Initiation Schools, as a process to activate original 13 Strand DNA, 5D alignment & vibrational actions to open the Heart Chakra permanently and activate unique Inner Soul activity.

To safely open the Heart Chakra and activate the Diamond Bio Energy Field Light Body. To re-balance the brain chemistry and 4 bodies: the Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual to connect the individual to their Soul Sovereignty.

We guide in Quantum Lore and impart forgotten knowledge and wisdom. 

Why? To bring an individual into its Original Sovereignty.


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