The Diamond Quantum School is a one on one, or 30 hour School experience that will totally consolidate old knowledge with new Quantum knowledge, and give you the Universal Lore’s on how to bring effect to every desire and intention. This is so clearly taught in a new formula that accelerates one from effort and hard work, to CREATING the desired outcomes.

Not seen before in this simple format, Ruth Elisabeth has designed an accelerated process to attain all anticipated results. It is truly genius.

If you want to experience a new paradigm of thought and action, this Ascension School is for you!

  • Experience a defrag of your entire energetic system.
  • Get a complete balance of your brain chemistry.
  • Receive internal Diamond Frequency Light Body Ascension calibration.
  • Experience a full light body activation and setup and learn how to operate as a being of light.
  • Learn about the game of duality, how it operates and learn to stand in alignment in the seminar, Don’t play the game!
  • Lean into the LORE OF ACQUISITION Master Classes where you will learn to master your own reality! 10 hours that make the LEAP/SHIFT INTO SOVEREIGN CONSCIOUSNESS INSIDE YOU!
  • Permanently open your Heart Chakra as the gateway to Ascension.

The DIAMOND QUANTUM SCHOOL contains five parts that unlocks the programming that keeps you living your current reality. If you’re ready to let go of your Plan B, this is how we do it:


Over the course of 4-6 hours, we literally defrag your 4 Bodies to reset your Diamond Bio Energy Field. Your physical brain chemistry is reset, which balances your hormones and the chemicals within the physical body. This process, alone, heals mental, emotional, and physical wounds associated with mental health addictions, anxiety, and even schizophrenia, menopause, chronic pain and sleep disorders.

Once done, you will go through a re-ignition of the physical organs and 7 body systems when Diamond Bio Energy is run through multiple pathways for you. This reactivates your original DNA within your original vibrational blueprint. It reconnects you with your body Intelligences who go to work on your behalf. This also aids in healing the body and bringing alignment.

We clear and activate your heart and Heart Chakra. 

You will also clear Pain Bodies from all past lifetimes, dimensions and recycle this left-behind energy drag to the 5D, which is then reused as purified energy daily which helps heal distress, pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and the like.

This session of the school is one of the most intense and goes deeper than you can imagine, as this goes deep within the surface. Attendees for this portion of the school walk away changed forever, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

We reconnect you with your amazing Board of Directors, your Triune Being, The Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Divine Inner Child that was shown to Ruth through initiation and vision. This is the pièce de résistance of the entire school! A phenomenon that we prepare you for. It is what you have been waiting for.

The DIAMOND LIGHT BODY RECODE is all that you ache for and now come into Living relationship with your SOUL! Never to be separated again but full, thriving and thrilled in every moment of fascinating unconditional living your Soul Path and Mission. 

If only doing this section of school we do not do the permanent opening of the Heart Chakra as it needs to be understood and the knowledge is imparted in the rest of the school for your Ascension. 


A multidimensional construct on an A4 piece of paper and is pure genius! This 1 1/2 hour seminar on the multidimensional system that we live in demonstrates how energy works within our cellular system in connection between the 3D and 5D dimensions. This reorders the mental and emotional bodies constructs, two very different parts of you that wants to know, that needs to know. That explains so much! To the intelligent part of you, this speaks volumes because you suspected it, but couldn’t put your finger on it. But now you will see it so clearly!

It specifically teaches your own interrelations with Quantum Lore, like the Lore of Reflection, the Universe of Inclusion and the Quantum Principles as Creators working in Alignment with the Soul and yet projecting into every moment, often things that we don’t want. The Law of Duality which is triggered in seconds, so we assist you in being able to quickly recognise your own position, to re-position in Alignment with the Greater you and therefore what you focus on.

And more. This section shows you how you live as a Quantum Human, how you operate via Vibrational Quantum Lore and is an operation manual for life. 70-99% of people walk out of this school changed with just this knowledge and never go back to The Game!


This unique 14 hour training, directs on more hidden Lore’s and the 2 vibrational alignments that most will rarely get to understand. It just has never all been put together like this. The vibrational fabric, makeup and operation of the Lore of Acquisition and its 2 Lessor Lore’s. Understand this and Plan B must dissolve to make way for Plan A creating. This is the point that the LEAP or SHIFT into Creator Consciousness truly takes place! It is fun, it is real and it is life changing.


With qualified Practitioners approved by Diamond Matrix Masters to help you integrate beyond the School. Three 1hour Pleiadian Light Works, provide you with the most vital of Soul work. 

a. Initiate your physical body into 5D and above and permanently opens your Heart Chakra ready for the descension of your Soul and Triune Being into your Heart and Light Channel

b. Merge your physical body with Mother Gaia and her gridlines

c. Integrate you with your multidimensional Universe


Being a newbie in this training means that you can easily apply the new consciousness teaching but must take it home to your real world that you live in. Yes, real relationships, real situations, real work, real places that you meet with us, to bring change into. We keep you on task with real life application of Universal Lore, IN your real life! Right where YOU live. Learn how Alchemy works. Its funny how the mind so easily justifies where one will apply it and where it assumes that it doesn’t apply. It applies everywhere! And because you have absorbed so much, the remembrance is vital to ground it into your moment to moment and daily expressions of experiences. There are often more heightened awareness’s, knowledge and understanding as you warp into the greater Diamond Energy, as gifting’s open up and personalise it so much more into daily functionality. So it is vital that you remain in our care until the 30 days are complete.

(Further months coaching can be purchased from us to continue the great work)

Our Practitioners have both experienced this Soul Initiation and expansion themselves and know how to facilitate you through it also. 30 days? Usually we all become Soul buddies and hang out for much longer. So join our Diamond Matrix Masters fb group and meet some of your 5D community:)

These five phases of the Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness School are the keys to opening up and releasing your Power!



  • Come with us! You are now DIAMOND ACTIVE and very important to our vision!
  • Begin your time with us as a trainee and attend 2 months of our international events or face to face delivery opportunities until you are comfortable with imparting the powerful Diamond Bio Energy, its applications within the Diamond Quantum School
  • Join our Soul Community in our private group
  • Read our book! Diamond Matrix Masters Self Mastery Level 1, by Ruth Elisabeth. The teachings on Quantum Lore are paramount to all Practitioner interactions, as all lived actions in people’s lives come back to Quantum Lore constructs
  • Begin proffered Online and Face to Face DMM Coach & Practitioner training by Diamond Matrix Masters. Access our resources, videos & teachings
  • Learn the integral inflections of Universal Lore, their meanings & living applications
  • Learn how to deliver the Diamond Quantum School one on one and at our Conference Schools
  • Absorb, Question & Swap Knowledge
  • Be ready to travel all over the world
  • Become an AFFILIATE. As you love us wherever you are, pass us forward and be blessed financially. See HOW TO BECOME AN AFFILIATE!

Now this is where it becomes interesting. This is where, once you have completed this next training set, can begin to operate as a Diamond Matrix Masters independent contractor utilising our very unique techniques, tools and teachings. Not to mention our service prices for your own enterprise. All under our lovely Diamond Matrix Masters banner. Diamond Matrix Masters approved!

This third action is to complete the DIAMOND LIGHT HEALERS SCHOOL. This school will turn upside down, every thing that you thought you knew about healing. Usually have people lay down? We don’t. Passively impart healing without them really knowing what is happening? Not in our work. With Diamond Matrix Masters your client is fully engaged and working with you in the session. They are actively present and once aligned are using their own higher resources as we facilitate the Diamond Bio Field energy and implement Quantum Lore Knowledge. 

Your client walks out a much more enlightened Soul for the experience! Our Diamond Matrix Masters work is like the ultimate car wash, a vibrational cleansing of the energetic environment of the 4 Bodies and the living conditions of a clients life. To shift one vibration, we reorder many hidden anomalies. We reorder the concepts and vibrational structure, we reorder key vibrational anomalies to a correct format. The energy itself is mind blowing. Most at first cannot believe the powerful force of the Diamond Bio Field energy, let alone become one with it and able to steer it into any living area of desire.


This DIAMOND LIGHT HEALERS SCHOOL teaches you all that a Diamond Active Light Worker and Healer needs to know and how to impart powerful Diamond Bio Field energy into your new clientele that are longing for this connection and alignment in the new consciousness. The healings, knowledge and insight, accelerates even instant change and transformation in all 4 Bodies of the client. Your own Diamond Bio Energy Field expands into new dimensions of understanding daily and what you learn as you impart is simply extraordinary. We are in a very powerful time of change on our planet and our work is a privilege to do. We believe that we have the best jobs on the planet! The prerequisite to becoming a DMM Practitioner is the DIAMOND QUANTUM SCHOOL where you become Diamond Light Active, then the DIAMOND PRACTITIONER COACHING SCHOOL and lastly the DIAMOND HEALERS SCHOOL is where you get to do some amazingly real Diamond Light Work and Healing.

Gone are the days where we lay the client passively on their backs and impart to them unconsciously, no, here they stand fully upright on their feet and we impart, align and balance with our techniques and attunements and they immediately experience who they are and actively begin to join with the Diamond Light Practitioner in their own healing, alignments and 4 Body projections utilising Diamond Bio Field Energy and Quantum Lore. See the DIAMOND HEALERS SCHOOL available to you. Begin with the prerequisite DIAMOND QUANTUM SCHOOL to become Diamond Bio Field Active and gain your Certificate of Completion. Book in today. It is thrilling. 

  • Deliver powerful Diamond Bio energy and Healing work to your potential clients.
  • Has within it all components of comprehension to work with any vibrational anomaly.
  • It is an intimate mixture of DMM Diamond Quantum School, the DMM Practitioner Coaching & Healing and Vibrational Matching.
  • It shows you and demonstrates the inner workings of Diamond Soul proficiency
  • Teaches you alignment with the Greater you!
  • Teaches you how to project wholeness in Diamond Light
  • Teaches you a powerful property cleanse for you and your client’s to apply to healing environments & workspaces.
  •  Teaches you how to merge with another person’s light body & detach
  • Teaches you how to work with another person’s Light Body & internal scanning.
  • Teaches you common signs, communications & language, you’re own and the other persons.
  • Teaches you anomalies that may present beyond your understanding to this point.
  • Teaches you how to remove any vibrational anomaly.
  • To work with clients with many different vibrational anomalies.
  • Enter a new career pathway that is so immensely fulfilling, gains optimum results for you as a Diamond Active Healer and for your clients as this is what you are here for! 

Being Healers and Teachers, our first priority is to educate around energy vibration, along Quantum 4 Body Wellness principles that incorporate the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies. We give nonjudgmental assistance to change vibrational environmental structures that have dominated a persons life.

Children are being subjected to enormous amounts of stress, mental health diagnosis and medications, not to mention vaccinations regimes and normalized pharmaceutical treatments and added supplements. These diagnosis coupled with external behaviors and tensions within a family is not conducive to ease of living, with many just overwhelmed which is flowing into the next generation. To interrupt this cycle, we have designed the School to train the new Quantum Model that Diamond Matrix Masters excels at.

New sciences prove that we are vibrational beings and our work proves daily that symptoms can be removed, as vibrational alignment is achieved. Alternative health is now moving from the old model into a new self governance style.

We are now at a time when the Heart energy center is opening and for children it is easy to produce the change by simply resetting the energetic Heart center as their imprinting is newly acquired, though their traumas of modern living can be acute. For teens and adults a full vibrational audit and relearning is necessary and is dealt with in the DIAMOND QUANTUM SCHOOL.

We offer a clinic, with 20 min sessions for children with different spectrum disorders, perhaps challenging behaviours or lack of focus. Resetting the Heart Chakra rhythm is a simple non touch Diamond Bio energy transfer with the result of calm and wellbeing as an outcome. Excessive activity and anxiousness fall away now. A 4 hour Parenting School  is included with the 4 Pillars of Parenting, shares how to lay a fresh operational foundation in the home, to reinforce the calmer child and their siblings.

Normally run through Heart Rhythm Reset Clinics, the Children’s clinic  will adjoin to Diamond Matrix Masters Schools.  A short 4 hr Parenting School, The 4 Pillars of Parenting is taught to guide parents in how to respond once the children have experienced the reset.

In this Clinic and School environment our Diamond Active Clinician offer the service to families and children in need. 

The benefits are phenomenal. Who is assisted? 

  • Children on the spectrum.
  • Children who have experienced trauma or anxiety.
  • Children with focus issues.
  • Children with challenging behaviours (Though we do not focus from this viewpoint).
  • Children with dyslexia and learning dis-abilities.
  • Siblings of children with any of the above who perhaps themselves have been traumatised.

What is the result?

  • A quietened and more centered child.
  • Prior behaviors tend to slide away (Particularly with supported parent schooling and recommended actions).
  • Tendency to correct former lived experiences and bring restitution to relationships.
  • Balanced energy and action.
  • Much more focused and creative.
  • Parents regain equilibrium in the home.
  • Need for medication can fall away naturally as their inner alignment is ignited (This energy work does not interfere with any medical diagnosis & pharmaceutical intake, nor does our counsel give guidance for or against these pursuits).
  • Siblings can take a while to readjust to the newly centered child and should be individually supported in the coming months.
BECOME A CHILDREN’S HEART ÇHAKRA RHYTHM RESET CLINICIAN to run clinics for children and parents. Prerequisite is to become Diamond Active through the Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness School, with precise training within the school on how to heal, and impart, along with a 4 hour parenting course on Don’t Play the Game and the 4 Pillars of Parenting. Diamond Matrix Masters is looking to expand this vital service and encourages all that have a heart for children who suffer to come into this new scientific paradigm. 

“This book is written to show the difference between Universal Lore and Human Law and why Universal Lore brings immense freedom when understood.” 

The Author, Ruth Elisabeth


First Question. If your Soul pulled out of the top of your head right now, what would your body do? Genius question. So, if your Soul pulled out of the top of your head, right now, what would your body do? Simple logic. Simple science. It would fall on the ground. Its funny but every single individual on this planet knows this and identifies with and acknowledges a Soul. We know what happens to the body when the Soul pulls out of it.

Second question. So if it is your Soul, that keeps you upright on your feet, WHAT CAN WE DO WITH IT? AND HOW DOES IT WORK?

These questions are vital to understand and CHANGE the platform within us as the world and our westernised society has merely taught us incorrectly on who we are, and we have believed their rendition of how it all functions. We have been taught hardship, trauma, illness and mental health. We have been conditioned and know that we must leave that conditioning behind. Mindfulness is now well ingrained into our health and wellbeing models, but we take it so much further in our Diamond Matrix Masters practices. 

So, a Soul, would have to be explained as an energetic Being, perhaps Light or essential vibration. We teach that you, that the little pointy you, running around on this planet, is connected to the Greater You that is from where you came from, before here. Isn’t that awesome! It turns everything upside-down and inside out. Even if you ask this first question to a doctor or scientist, they answer the same, yes, the body would fall to the ground if the Soul came out of it. If you then ask them if they have studied the Soul and its energetic ability in the body, they all answer no, it is not in the western curriculum. 

We have deeply ingrained anomalies built into our beliefs systems which are explainable via Quantum vibrational Lore. Humanity lost Universal Lore teachings, and full dimensional connection but is now reconnecting to Quantum Lore and its interdimensional connectivity and all attributes that coexist with it. It is how through Soul that we vibrate via Quantum and draw to ourselves, our families and communities our desired experiences and so much more as we begin to remember our destinies. 

So, our DIAMOND QUANTUM SCHOOL activates and trains you in Quantum Lore and the 4 vibrational Bodies. 


The Diamond Bio Field Energy is the latest Light frequency that we are now coming into and using. Diamond Heart centered energies are the energies that we connect our DIAMOND QUANTUM SCHOOL participants into with certain vibrational attunements, realignments and introductions. The last phases of the Reiki energy has done its great work on the Earth and now the Diamond Bio Field Light Energy is a Heart opening mechanism for harmonising and reconstructing our Earth Matrix, its inhabitants, all of its activities and within its vibrational constructs. We utilise the knowledge of Quantum Lore by directing Diamond Bio Field Light Energy, into outcomes of health, wealth and vitality to become a reality to the benefit of us all. Diamond or Rainbow Light is a living frequency bringing us into the greater realms of light.

The 4 Bodies that we are made up with, but not taught about, are the Physical, the Mental, the Emotional and the Spiritual or Etheric Bodies. This energetic 4 Body concept is not recognised in our western society when presenting with physical, mental or emotional unwellness. The western model deals with symptoms, not energetic cause and effect. 

We believe that a myriad of life’s experiences affect us even daily and so can remove energetic causes and bring health and wellness back to ultimate Alignment in wholeness. Imagine being so unwell that we have lost our autonomy but can regain it and not only that, begin to live a momentous life purposely. 

It is so much more complex than this as the Body is a genius light body construct but our knowledge is more than ample in a level 1 concept, to impart wholeness and healing to souls still working within the karmic system. 

We are healers, we understand universal Lore and so can release and free those who are suffering.

Diamond Matrix Masters Self Mastery Level 1

Ruth Elisabeth:

A DIAMOND ACTIVE Practitioner is a Soul guided person who has been drawn by their very hearts and inner being to find the change that their internal Self was looking for. That is what is so precious about our Schools. Each and every Diamond Matrix Masters Practitioner has come to us in their own journey to make a leap into the New Consciousness or New Dreaming or Fifth Dimensional experience that we as Humanity have been talking about for a long long time. They are Soul referred!! It is such a beautiful thing to meet through all sorts of circumstances, sometimes in crisis, sometimes in directives from dreams, readings or knowings. But always through Soul referral, as our hearts long for more. More experience, more answers, more love, more power to live a fulfilled and amped up life. 

Most alternative practitioners and wellness sectors know that we have been coming into Diamond Light or Rainbow energies, that Souls are progressing in evolution and that we have greater capacity than ever before to become our living potential.

It is where we as individuals and as humanity, have been living Plan B and are now realising our potential to live Plan A in a Quantum Lore world. 

Natural Game changers, shine intelligent reform into every scenario in our world. Whether a workplace, business or home, these bring organisation, wisdom and efficiency to every relationship and interaction. These work with systems, to bring balance and order in their field of expertise and to all relationships. All of our Diamond Matrix Masters Practitioners have indeed been internally driven to bring change. 

Our DIAMOND QUANTUM SCHOOLS  attract Game Changers, Teachers, Healers, Leaders and Alternative Practitioners who specialise in their field of expertise and want to lift their focus and skills to new Quantum Lore knowledge. They want the new way to operate.

Each Diamond Light Active Practitioner for Diamond Matrix Masters must begin their DIAMOND LIGHT, DNA  AND HEART OPENING activation’s in the DIAMOND QUANTUM SCHOOL to gain their Certification of Completion to become DIAMOND ACTIVE.



So, there are three learning and action stages to become a Diamond Matrix Masters Practitioner that is also a business opportunity! The DIAMOND QUANTUM SCHOOL  is the first prerequisite to becoming a Diamond Matrix Master Diamond Active Practitioner. To become DIAMOND ACTIVE is key, as it opens you to Heart centred gifts and abilities. This School is designed to activate you into a Diamond Bio Field Light Body system to impart from.

Attendance – one on one with a Diamond Active Practitioner, or the 4 Day DIAMOND QUANTUM SCHOOL CONFERENCE experience that will totally consolidate old knowledge with new Quantum knowledge, and give you the Universal Lore’s on how to bring effect to every desire and intention. This is so clearly taught in a new formula that accelerates one from effort and hard work, to living the desired outcomes with the Diamond frequency. Diamond Activation’s along with 30 Days of coaching is required, plus three sessions of Diamond Reconnection Healing at the end of the School. It is in this school that you become Diamond Activated. It is a thrilling journey. You will receive a Certificate of Completion as DIAMOND ACTIVE.

“This book is written to show the difference between Universal Lore and Human Law and why Universal Lore brings immense freedom when understood.” 

The Author, Ruth Elisabeth

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